Workshops with Sarah Silbert

Workshops are available in 3 hour formats, day long formats, or full weekend retreats. Email Sarah to join one or to host your own: ssilbert [at]

  • The Journey of Motherhood: an exploration of this most delightful and challenging of paths, beginning with conception traveling into eternity.

For moms-to-be all the way through to great-great grandmoms.

  • Personal Sustainability ~ Maintaining Compassion and Care during Crisis: creative writing, sharing, and guidance for those committed to helping others longterm.

For nurses, teachers, personal caregivers, activists and all those helping others.

  • Creative Tensions ~ Playing with Perspective: a delicious retreat for lovers connecting through the chakras.

For couples looking to deepen their relationship and for individuals preparing for the perfect soulmate.

  • The Power of Imagination ~ Creative Writing for Teens: workshops for youth yearning to express and explore themselves, their imaginations and the world.

For youth ages 12 through 18.

  • Writing through Memory for Seniors: a workshop designed to share techniques on excavating memory and creating scenes from past stories.

For all engaged in writing memoir.

  • Creative Journaling for Health and Healing: a series of exercises designed to bring the mind/body health through creative writing.

For patients of any ailments, short term or chronic.

  • Yoga-Journaling: a chance to stretch body and mind and to strengthen spirit, muscles, and resolve.

For anyone with the urge to grow and feel and heal.

  • Career Jumpstart: a rigorous class on how to increase your publishing credits and expand your support network.

For writers of all levels.

  •  Your Writer Spirit: a chance to revitalize the Spirit of your Voice using gifts of the seven primary chakras.

For all writers of all levels.


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