Child Healers

A 60-Minute Audio Recording for Parents and Child Guardians

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First three audio tracks:
03-Chakra 1

Children come to us with specific messages and gifts, and it is our job to learn from their wisdom and assist them in releasing that wisdom into the world. Sadly, we spend too much time worrying over our children, trying to influence them or control them. That’s when we lose out on the exact gifts and messages they are meant to bring to us. Of course, we need to keep our children safe. Fed. Clean. Loved. Educated. The list of our responsibilities is long! But we cannot let this long list get in the way of the deeper connection between us and our child.

This meditation can help. It fills your heart with the soulful connections between you and a particular child so that even in the busy-ness of caring for him or her, you also connect to him. You hear him. You open into a deeper understanding of your child’s journey.

Maybe your child is inside you right now, an unborn mystery growing. Maybe he is asleep on your lap, or maybe he is older now and very far away. Maybe you are caring for a child as teacher, therapist, friend. Whatever the circumstances, this meditation connects you deeply with a particular child and actually strengthens the energy between you, exactly as you practice it, whenever you practice it.

How Child Healers can help:

  • Moms and Dads-to-be can use it to connect to their children in-utero or for children they are waiting to adopt;
  • Moms of little ones who must go to work and leave their infants in another’s arms can use it to keep a living and comforting connection between them and their beloved baby;
  • As children grow older, disagreements and outright fights can occur, and parents can use it to maintain a conflict-free energetic bond with their children during turbulent times;
  • When a child is sick and in the hospital or even in the midst of surgery, parents can use it to send healing energy their child’s way; parents can also use it for little ones in the neonatal intensive care unit, as it is as comforting for the parent as much as the child;
  • Anytime, anywhere, parents can use this cd to infuse themselves and their children with a light burst of energy to better navigate the present moment.

Enjoy – and if you find yourself using Child Healers in a unique situation, please write about the experience here.
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Blessings, Sarah

3 thoughts on “Child Healers

  1. Hi Sarah, I love the first chakra track! I want to buy your CD however I am in Canada and shipping is expensive and apparently takes 1-2 months. Is there and alternative way to to buy your CD? I have not discovered one through Google.
    Blessings to you!

    • Hello Jennifer, I’m thrilled to hear you like the CD. Thank you! I can mail you a CD anytime. It’s $15 and you can send a check after you receive it. You can email or text me your mailing info. I’d love to hear what you think of it! Sarah Thank you so much for reaching out! 802-222-7529

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