Children come into this world with unique gifts, and our job is to help them discover and develop those gifts, so they may share them with all earthbound beings. This world needs our children and their gifts, for they are the engine of its evolution. Yet too often our children are NOT treated as harbingers of inspiration and change. Too often they are suppressed and oppressed and told to stand in line, step in line, write in line, think in line. I write and teach to help our children and ourselves shine as the unique and gifted beings we are, living here and now in this world to change it in remarkable ways.

I lead creative writing workshops around the country to people of all ages in a wide variety of settings, including private and public schools, colleges and pre-schools, homeless shelters and hospitals, libraries and prisons, GED programs and more. My mission is to help people anywhere and everywhere awaken to their inner natures and to support them in pursuing their truth in new, creative ways. I am a graduate of Harvard University in Women Studies and Bennington’s Master’s in Fine Arts program and have taught creative writing at Vermont Technical College for fifteen years. I founded the college’s Anthology of Creative Writing and operate a community literacy program, which connects college students with elementary schools. I have been awarded the Vermont Women’s Higher Education award for “Emerging Professional,” the Vermont Campus Compact’s Problem-Based Service Learning Fellowship, and was a finalist for the Vermont Campus Compact’s “Engaged Scholar Award.”

When not teaching, I devote myself to my own writing. My new novel, No Dominion, showcases a teenaged graffitti artist named Brandy Gray. It has won writing fellowships from MacDowell, Ucross, the Mesa Refuge, and Hedgebrook. I have also published stories and essays in The Sun Magazine, Hope Magazine, Ploughshares, Agni, Spectrum, The Vermont Literary Review, and other publications. In 2012, I was awarded two Vermont State College Advanced Study Grants to fund on-line publications of my writing and workshops.

Writing and teaching are my passions; family is my life. Eternal thank yous to my brave partner Eric, my stepdaughter Stella, my two children Drew-Zen and Gracie Joy, and to this wild forestland of Vermont we call home.


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  1. Dear Sarah, I am so happy and proud to call you family, whether as a daughter or sister or friend. In many ways you have strengthened my attitude for the better. When I felt disillusioned, you picked up my spirit and healed it’s sadness.
    I will be forever grateful. I hope your new venture will help many others also. Love, Eric’s Mom, Joanne.

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