Blog #21: Vibrancy Defeats Time

Liz Angeles and Deja

Meet Superfly Mom, Liz Angeles

I’m 50 years old this year… and a single mom to a five-year-old scrumptious nugget of love and life. Sure, my daughter’s crazy and full of energy.  I guess that’s how it works, because so am I.  Now that she’s five, I’ve recovered from the exhausting toddler years. I’ve suddenly returned to the weight and energy level I had in college. Now I’m at the zenith of my creative career.

I am so grateful I met Liz. She defies the stereotype of the old and tired mom. Her light reaches beyond labels and limits, beyond any sense of age at all.

Liz Angeles was 44 when she became pregnant with her daughter, Deja. She experienced a smooth, albeit exhausting pregnancy, and by age 45 she delivered at home.  In an inflatable tub of warm water—and with the help of her doula and midwives—she delivered Deja in her favorite sanctuary, her own bedroom. She chose not to engage in any interfering medical tests, committing to a sense of her own health rather than to the common fears of “what-ifs.”

Liz lives as she mothers, fearlessly and flamboyantly. She is going to be 51 this summer and is still bursting with creativity and new life. Living as a single mom doesn’t hinder her; it liberates her. Now she is able to focus on her relationship with Deja and her own development. She has always worked as a highly sought-after massage therapist and just now is creating her own business label “”  

Branding myself as a ‘Wellness Director,’ now I can help clients design their own self-healing regimen with natural health, longevity and beauty solutions—including in-home spa parties or lunchtime office spa escapes—using a variety of modalities that complement my massage practice.

Liz is a prolific artist as well as a writer and healer:  I love to keep my creative juices flowing. When I was a single woman approaching 40, I feared I would have no legacy. I began to paint constantly so I would have something to leave behind when I died.

Liz’s paintings can be seen here:


(Two-week-old Deja with her painting First Wave depicts the concept of labor pains coming in waves.)

Liz’s first book chronicles her only pregnancy and the birth of her daughter in her personal memoir, 45 and Pregnant: How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally. Published by On the Inside Press in 2014, the book takes readers on Liz’s journey from terror to triumph in three acts.

“Act I: Prelude to a Kid” tells the tale of a ‘would-be’ spinster—divinely led to her ideal breeding partner—swiftly cohabitating and suddenly procreating.  “Act II: Making Womb for a New Mom” delves into details about all of the holistic choices made during pregnancy.  “Act III: New Kid in Town” documents the birth, the nursing, the placenta encapsulation and homemade baby food—all amidst the drama of an inadvertent relationship (and its accompanying teenage girls—who are now madly in love with their new baby sister).  

Since hitting the market, 45 and Pregnant has received loving reviews on Amazon, numerous appreciative responses from her fans on Facebook, and earned Liz her first podcast on iTunes with The Birth Hour. This May, 45 and Pregnant will also be featured on the website for birth professionals,

Nowadays Liz is editing romance novels and considering her own new future storylines. A performer at heart, Liz had relocated from Las Vegas to the bright lights of Hollywood to pursue acting in 1989.  With her wealth of ‘life experience’ material, Liz is also committed to performing stand up comedy before her 51st birthday this summer—and is even drafting a movie script! As a popular and networked artist in Los Angeles, she will no doubt manifest her goals and be hitting billboards soon.  As her father always told her, “If you throw enough shit against the wall, some of it’s going to stick!”

If you want to get to know Liz better, you can buy her book on Amazon here. Or you can buy it on Barnes and Noble here. You can also visit her Facebook Page or email her directly  She is warm and welcoming—and a gifted healer. During our first phone conversation, she slipped in a few health and beauty tips to help me survive Mikah’s exuberant insomniatic ways. (Thank you, Liz!) Please take some time to connect to this inspiring, fun & funky mama!

(Excerpt from Fun & Fabulous: New Moms 40+ by Sarah Silbert)

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