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Professional stay-at-home nanman looking for needy mistress with a lot of bang and a lot of buck. You: type-A powerhouse, sexy exercise freak, no time for lovely children. Me: lovable child entertainer, epicurean sorcerer, and full action figure complete with handyman tool belt. Trained in subservience and anger management for Your Highness’s stress release blowouts. Taking applications now.

The Nanman is a romance set against the modern trend of stay-at-home dads who are losing their families. The news has recently reported this paradox: women are increasingly interested in their own professional development, while men are enjoying the acceptability of staying home and raising children. Yet many of these women still desire a man who can “take care of them,” and are becoming disenchanted with their stay-at-home husbands, often leaving and taking the children with them. The Nanman shows one man’s rejection of that fate.

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