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The D Generation
Volume Three: Skyclad

2056. The year isn’t over…

The Christians of the Apocalypse have come to bring God to the heart of Vermont, starting with hunting down the pagan James Mann, who left their Reverend Antonio Xaiden, “The Ax,” in a ditch to die.

The Ax is not the only one looking for justice. The Vermont Intelligence Agency is investigating the strange occurrences happening in Randolph, and they’re looking for prime suspect James Mann.

Meanwhile, James’s precognitive visions show him a slice of the future where everyone is happy, only he’s not in it. Does he sacrifice his life to protect his friends and community, draw the enemy away by staying on the run, or is there a choice he can’t foresee?

The D Generation
Volume Two: Prussian Blue

When Vermont Yankee melts down in 2036, Brattleboro becomes part of the quarantined Windham National Forest for six hundred years, where the only vendible crop is black market marijuana. As long as you take enough Prussian Blue to precipitate the radioactive cesium-137 from your body, smoke up!

In the second installment of The D Generation, James is declared a national security threat to “the lower 36” when an alien technology is found in his neck. To escape his future as an NSA funded medical experiment, he disappears into the wilds of Windham, but trouble pursues him from all sides, even from the sky.

The D Generation
Volume One: Death of a Redneck

The American dream is dead along with most Americans. An entire generation wonders what the $&!@ to do now. The factories are closed, gas is outlawed, power lines are the relics of another age, and food is available if you can grow it. This is the world of James Mann. This is Vermont in 2056.

James doesn’t care if the world is going down; the headaches come at random, and he has no idea where he goes at night. Precognitive visions haunt him, and always end with his knife killing the same man. He never wanted to murder anyone before … except Radcliff Pitts, the man in his visions, and the one man who deserves it. But before James can figure out whether he’s a murderer or not, the evidence speaks for itself. Rad is dead.

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