The D Generation

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Okay, I know you are really here because you want the answers to The D Generation Crossword Challenge. Here they are: Answers.

The D Generation begins like a tasteless joke: “There’s a Christian, a Jew, and a Pagan living in an apartment together…” and in the telling of the joke a lot of people die and you never expect the punch line.

The year is 2056. Gasoline has ended its bumpy ride with a crash and the petroleum economy has crumpled against a brick wall. The electric lines have been stolen and melted down for cash. The governments are bankrupt, the weather is completely unpredictable, and weeds have taken over.

James Mann works for a small-hydro power plant, delivering “batts” with an electric truck. He’s trying to live a normal life, but all around him is instability. With most of the population dead from disease, and civilization fracturing into ignorance and amnesia, trouble lurks at every turn. For James, the terrestrial world is only part of his problem, the other he can neither fight nor understand. An alien technology is stuck in his neck and as a result his actions and visions are not always his own. As events get stranger, he’s beginning to realize he’s not the only one who has been tinkered with…

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