Mockumentary Finished

As promised, I have created some entertaining multimedia for your enjoyment. This fiction – the road to dystopia – was and is a bit of a ride to the year 2056. I wish I could cram all the information I have studied in the process of making this 5 minute video into a publication. I think that is what I like about writing the most, you never know where it is going to take you. One place it took me was to a website that predicts future events based on collected data and probability curves.

There is a prediction for computer processing speeds comparable to human intelligence by 2025 and comparable to ALL human intelligence combined by 2050. The latter is a bit mind blowing to me. Someday government officials will be sitting at tables with sentient robots who can wisely council them on the best path to take based on all the information contained in every history of the world. I think they need it; I can hardly wait.

Enjoy the video.