Crappy Blogger

Okay, so I’m a crappy blogger and I’m sorry; I like to write books. I’ll have to call myself the seasonal blogger because I only publish one about every three months. I was always told to leave my audience hungry. However, despite my “radio silence,” things have been humming along.

This summer my kids and I created a vending tent made out of saplings. The tent was a pain in the ass to haul around, but when crazy storms blew up I was one of the few that didn’t worry about his tent blowing over. Yeah, I’m practical that way. Originally, I was going to sell books at festivals and my fiancee’s healing CDs, but decided that wasn’t enough. It took a few weeks, but my kids and I churned out a solid inventory of wood crafts: swords, shields, staffs, wands, and hammers for kids and adults. The crafts were all wood burned and mostly one of a kind.

The festivals were a lot of fun and educational. I not only sold books, but made a lot kids happy (including my own) and turned a profit–albeit a small one which I shared with my wee workers. I’m sure you’ll see us out there again now that the experiment has been successfully carried out. My son wants me to create a webpage to display our crafts because he (at seven) has decided we would sell more over the internet for Christmas and birthdays. I want to say “Hey, you’re a jewish pagan or a paganish jew; what are you thinking about Christmas for?” But I guess the answer is obvious, he made more running a drill press than he does taking care of our home’s recycling. I can hear people yammering about child labor, but if you’d ever seen my son idle for five minutes then you would understand: productive, creative outlets are GOOD!

In other news, I wrote a short story, Double Negative, that was accepted for publication in an Anthology that last year had 20K copies downloaded. I’ll report more on that as the release date approaches. Suffice to say, I’m excited to be a part of that, and I hope it leads to some reviews of my work. Since most of my reviews have been positive, I worry it’s because I’m not hitting a big enough audience and somewhere out there is a mountain of negative shit-flinging waiting for me to step into it. Nanman has been shot at a few times, but that’s because it’s flinging shit itself–such responses are expected. Last year, publication of the Anthology (The End: Visions of Apocalypse) raised some money for charity (here are the details). I hope it is even better received this year, and since it’s on the subject of Luck, it probably will.

Check back soon for updates on the The D Generation III cover. It’s finished, I just need to post it…yeah, I know, just finish the editing right; who cares about the cover? Despite the other subjects I wanted to cover, I’m finding more typoes then I can handle and I know I need to go to bed…