Building Seven?

WTC7_in_FreefallThis morning I was looking for the medium sized pot lid and I had to stop and think. Since I had looked everywhere, it could only be one place: right in front of me. That was exactly where it was. I am surprised at how often this happens, but I think it is allegorical to the human condition. How often do we dismiss what is right in front of us? Of course, the answer is we have no idea.

In my writing The D Generation, I am faced with this truth over and over. I have researched many topics from alternative energy sources, 9/11, shadow governments, to the existence of aliens. That’s right, the fringe. I have run into a lot of facts, the kind that are like elephants—no, mammoths—in the room, and I think “How could anyone ignore this?”

Yet, it’s really easy to ignore it, miss it, or forget it. That’s the way our minds are engineered. If some bit of information isn’t repeated it gets downgraded until eventually the cells holding on to that information die off without being replicated, or the neurons that once fired to connect to that knowledge are dead. And this is especially true if people want to ignore it. Think about one thing you’ve asked your partner to do or change in their behavior that’s so obviously wrong to you and still they continue to do that thing their own way (and totally screw it up, of course). You would scream at them, but you know it’s just habit, and habits are hard to break.

This is a small and personal example, but let’s look at a really big one that effects millions.

What happened to building seven? What the @#%& is building seven, you ask? You are not alone, in 2006 a poll showed that 43% of americans didn’t know about building seven, and I imagine that number has only grown. I even added to the misinformation by calling it building nine in Prussian Blue (I am not proud), which will be corrected in the second edition to come out this month. Building seven was the building in the World Trade Center complex that fell down in free fall during the 9/11 attacks even though nothing hit it. The 9/11 Commission Report didn’t mention it, and the media quickly forgot about it.

I could believe like others that nothing important happened there and that is why the media has forgotten about it. However, the investigator in me is quick to spot this anomaly as one of 9/11’s major smoking guns. If you go to a crime scene and you ignore half the clues (or maybe all of them), what are your odds of finding the real criminal?

Now that I’ve said that, what is your immediate reaction? I figure you fall into one of three categories: (1) I knew that. (2) This blog is bullshit. (3) I’ve heard this, but the theories are so ridiculous I’ve dismissed it from my mind.

Well, it doesn’t really matter how you feel about it. This isn’t an emotional question, this is a factual question. Pretend this is high school and your taking a test. Before the test you’re teacher reminded you to do what? Read the question, and then ask yourself “Did I answer the question?”

What happened to building seven?

This is my answer. I have no idea. For some reason I wrote building nine, I think it was due to some kind of mass hypnosis. I think the effects have finally worn off because I am now releasing new editions to all The D Generations, with most (but not all) typos fixed, and corrected covers. The first book never had a title since it was an only child, and now it does. The third book, though I love the cover, never fit the motif of the other two, making it look like it was in a generation of its own. So, I have to live with the Dgeneration of Skyclad’s cover…

…but do I have to live with the Dgeneration of my leaders, my media, my mind, my country, and building seven?

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