Dgenerates Unite!

skycladSKYCLAD has been released!

The ever popular, if somewhat controversial, The D Generation series continues with volume III, Skyclad, the most electric addition to the series yet.

The Blurb:

2056. The year isn’t over…

The Christians of the Apocalypse have come to bring God to the heart of Vermont, starting with hunting down the pagan James Mann, who left their Reverend Antonio Xaiden, “The Ax,” in a ditch to die.

The Ax is not the only one looking for justice. The Vermont Intelligence Agency is investigating the strange occurrences happening in Randolph, and they’re looking for prime suspect James Mann.

Meanwhile, James’s precognitive visions show him a slice of the future where everyone is happy, only he’s not in it. Does he sacrifice his life to protect his friends and community, draw the enemy away by staying on the run, or is there a choice he can’t foresee?

Where to get it:

Amazon:(paperback $10.79+shipping and kindle $6.99 )

Local: The Three Bean Cafe ($10.00 and no shipping)

What to expect:

Like the disclaimer says, this is an R-rated book. Some pages fall into the X-rated category, but what can I say, I’ve never claimed any purity in that department. The dialogue is natural—if you are a rockstar, carpenter, trucker, sex worker or priest. Subjects range from the absurdity of fanatical religion, the future possibilities of GMO food, family values, the hidden agenda of space aliens, and much more. Some of the concepts are interesting to think about, and hopefully you will get pissed off about at least one. Enjoy!

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