The Nanman isn’t stuck at home anymore.

Nanman102x160I realized I have been remiss in not talking about the release of the Nanman.  Well, today it was reviewed by Margot Harrison in Seven Days –thank you!!!–and I find the review to be honest (and 99% positive).  Check it out for yourself:

On my site you can find more reviews, and the first 5000 or so words.  You can also check out the first ten chapters on Wattpad (including some material not found in the published book) for free.  Please leave a comment to encourage more people to read it–that really helps more than you know!

The book can be found on Goodreads, which is a great platform if you read a lot:

And most importantly you can buy it on Amazon:

This book hasn’t been out long or publicized much so there aren’t any reviews on Amazon or Goodreads yet (hint hint).  I hope you enjoy it!

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