Cover Motif


I’m not sure how to feel about changing my cover motif. Originally, I wanted sketched covers, graphic novel style so that the books felt more like pulp fiction. Yes, I know that graphic novels come in many different styles, but generally speaking they’re a style all their own, such as not-a-photo. As I was working out what the cover of the third D Generation should be, I found an artist who was really good at painting exact replicas. She suggested I make a mock up of the cover, and she would paint it and smooth out some of the rough edges. Great.

So, after two takes–my first turning into the Brady Bunch meets the American Gothic–I made the above image. I could have it painted…but why? I like it. It’s definitely a departure from the other two book covers (see The D Generation – Graphic Artists). If I’m going to have a series of books–which I do–then I want them to look cohesive. Does it matter? I guess it matters to me, but does that even matter? I’m inclined to let the issue slide for now and trust that it will resolve itself when the time is right. Feedback?

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